After just over a week of rumor, Xbox and Bethesda have confirmed that they will indeed be holding a joint Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday, June 13.

As per the announcement on the Xbox Wire, the event will be broadcast around the world at 6pm UK time on that date, and promises a 90 minute show "packed with everything you want to know aout the epic gaming lineup coming out of this partnership, the incredible games coming to Xbox this holiday, upcoming releases on Xbox Game Pass and more."

What exactly will we see? Well, Halo Infinite is all but a lock, especially given it's the series' 20th anniversary this year, but of course many people are pointing out the promo image above fairly closely matches Starfield's logo so we won't be surprised at all to see that as well. The next Forza Motorsport game's been in testing, so we're pretty confident about that one too.

Updates on Fable and Perfect Dark would be most welcome, and back on the Bethesda side throwing us some scraps on The Elder Scrolls VI wouldn't go amiss. We don't have too long to find out now, with the show slap-bang in the middle of this year's E3 on Sunday, June 13 at 6pm UK time on all of Xbox's social channels including YouTube and Twitch. And rest assured, check back here on Videogamer afterwards where we'll also have all the juicy scoops from the event.


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