Double Fine has released some new screenshots of upcoming action adventure Psychonauts 2, showing off how the title is shaping up in the wake of the recent announcement of the original coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

As described by Double Fine's official Twitter account, some screens were first posted by various users on Twitter purporting to be "leaked" but were actually included as part of a video update from the studio late last year. Now, Tim Schafer's team have uploaded them seperately from the video in higher-resolution for us all to enjoy.

The images give us a good glimpse of how hero Raz is looking, as well as what appears to be the game's hub-world of Psychonauts HQ. As the account mentions, the game is set just a few days after the events of the first game, with newly-minted Psychonaut Raz on a mission to uncover a mystery at the heart of the mind-exploring organisation. It's expected to release later this year and will also include the vocal talents of one Jack Black.

Check out the new screenshots from Psychonauts 2 for yourself below. In the meantime if you want to catch up on the story so far, as previously mentioned, the original game is set to launch on Xbox Game Pass next week, on May 13.


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